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Every man wants to satisfy his mate on the bed fully. If you are unable to make your mate happy due to the problem of erectile dysfunction, then choosing Vega will be the right option for you.

About Vega:

Vega is a wonderful drug that cures the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. The active ingredient present in this drug is Sildenafil Citrate. It is informally known as the blue pill. If you are not able to achieve and maintain an adequate penile erection at the time of sexual intercourse, then this is the medicine for you. It will solve all your problems and you can have wonderful sex with your partner thereafter.

Fantastic working mechanism:

Vega helps to relax the smooth muscles that are found in the wall of the blood vessels. This all is done by inhibiting the work of the PDE-5 enzyme. At the time of sexual stimulation, you will find that there is enough flow of blood towards your penis which helps to give you a hard erection. This medicine works well when the cause of ED is psychological, physical, or both. However, in case of psychological reasons, the treatment depends on the severity of the condition.

Missed and overdose information:

This drug is always used when it is required. So, the chances are less likely of missing a dose. But in the case of overdose, you must contact a doctor or seek an emergency medical treatment as soon as possible.

When not to use Vega:

  • This drug is not meant to be taken for patients who are already taking Riociguat.
  • This drug should not be used at all by patients who are suffering from severe cardiac failure or unstable angina.
  • Never take Vega if you are inhaling other medicines containing nitrates as there is a high risk of severe adverse effects.
  • If you have an allergy towards Sildenafil or any other ingredient of this drug, then you must avoid taking it.
  • Never inhale this drug if you are facing chronic liver or kidney diseases.

General directives:

  • Always take this drug in the same way as told to you by your doctor.
  • Never consume it in a smaller or larger proportion than recommended.
  • This drug does not work without sexual stimulation. So, you have to be in a good mood for getting a hard erection.

Steps for using Vega:

  • Administer this drug with a glass full of water as a whole.
  • It is not meant to be crushed or chewed.
  • Always inhale this drug at least 40-50 minutes prior to having sex with your loved one.
  • There are no conditions of taking it with or without food.


  • Your doctor must be aware of your current and past medical history.
  • Stop taking this drug if you find a sudden loss of hearing and vision.
  • Rush to the doctor immediately if you find that your erection is not going even after 5-6 hours.