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Even a little sexual disappointment can ruin your loving relationship with your mate. If you are not able to keep your mate happy due to pre mature ejaculation or erectile failure then you must start taking Super P Force.

Brief information about Extra Super p Force 200mg:

One of the most powerful medicines to make your sex life superb is Extra Super p Force 200mg. There are two active ingredients in this medicine namely Dapoxetine Hydrochloride 60 mg and Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg. This drug is considered great for improving men’s health too.

Right method of administration:

  • Take this medicine orally with full glass of water.
  • Doctor’s advice is crucial for administrating this medicine.
  • The best time to administer it is at least one hpur prior of performing the sexual session.
  • More than one tablet should not be administered at a time as it can lead to dangerous side effects.

Role of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine:

When you are sexually stimulated, Sildenafil increases the flow of blood towards the penis by inhibiting the role of PDE-5 enzyme. Due to this the blood vessels become relaxed. This causes a firm and a hard erection which every man craves for. On the other hand, Dapoxetine works magically by increasing the time of ejaculation and also improving your control over the whole process of ejaculation. In this way, the overall satisfaction with the sexual intercourse gets improved.

Do’s and Don’ts for Super P Force:

  • Never use this drug in case of history of bipolar disorder.
  • Avoid this drug if you feel the symptoms of depression.
  • As alcohol can result in impaired judgment, so you must avoid taking any alcoholic drinks.
  • Driving or using heavy machines can be dangerous after inhaling this drug as you may feel dizzy and drowsy.
  • Always consult your doctor if you wish to discontinue the use of this medicine.
  • An orthostatic test is advisable before the intake of this medicine.
  • Stop using this medicine at once if you find sudden vision or hearing loss.
  • Never co-administer this medicine with nitrates, anti hypertensive’s and alpha blockers.
  • Never overdose this medicine as you can observe fatal side effects like vomiting, fainting, tremor, etc.
  • This medicine is meant to be stored at room temperature away from intense heat and moisture and also where your kids can’t reach easily.

Easy buy:

Easy buying of this medicine can be done through online procedure. Just tap your fingers on your mobile phone or on your laptop and search the most reliable online pharmacy and order your product. You also get the option of cash on delivery and fast shipping.

Noxious effects:

Some minor noxious effects of this medicine are nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhoea, skin rash, back pain, etc. Medical attention is not required in these cases as they go away naturally after some time.

Only if you observe an erection which is not going back to normal or if it is very painful, then you must rush to the doctor.